Confessions of a Mallorca realtor

One field which holds scope for job opportunities here in Mallorca is real estate. Many international agencies advertise for candidates to become property consultants, emphasising attractive earning packages for the right person.

If you possess great people skills and are self-motivated enough to tough it out in the notoriously competitive real-estate arena, such a position may be an appealing prospect; some agencies even offer to train driven individuals with little previous experience.

Commission-based pay structures are the norm, however; as are impromptu weekend viewings – sometimes requested by viewers with a frustrating lack of serious intention!
Of course, job opportunities in real estate are not limited to those people who get out and about showing properties: openings for personal assistants and office managers also regularly become available. There’s little doubt, however, that becoming an agent is where the potential big bucks lie.

Stuart Jenkins is a Sales Director at a renowned real-estate property network on Mallorca. Here he gives abcMallorca the inside track on what it’s really like to work in this highly dynamic island industry.

How did you get into the real-estate field?
I came here to retire and was bored. So I bought and I renovated properties. This gave me a great insight into the business. Buying as a foreigner is scary! I knew what it was like to buy as a foreigner and this gave me an advantage when talking to buyers.

What do you like about this job?
It is not like estate agency in UK or Germany – where people know where they want to be. Here it is more like internet dating – people are searching by photos!  In reality the properties are seldom as they are in the photos; I have to listen to the buyers and match people’s ideas to what I think they will like. I guide and advise. People seldom buy what they liked in the pictures!
What is a typical day like for you?
I work harder now than I have ever done – and I was an Army Officer for 18 years. My day changes by the minute.  I am all over the Island and I see the very best properties on Mallorca. My days are fascinating.
What advice would you give to someone wanting to carve a successful career in Mallorca real estate? 
If you can listen and you have patience you can make it in this business. But not without hard work.

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