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By accessing the Job portal of this website accepts the conditions of use that has been reported in the specific section of this website.
ABC-KNOWLEDGE COMPANY S.L. (hereinafter Manager) is not responsible for the accuracy of the information reflected and introduced by users.
According to the provisions of the Organic Law 12/1999 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data, you expressly agree that your data be shared on this website and accessible to third parties for the very purpose of the web which is the supply and demand of employment. The Administrator shall not use such data for purposes other than specified on this website or make available to third parties any information entered by the user. The use by the user of the services of this website will be considered proof of its acceptance of the processing of personal data, and likewise their acceptance of their data being viewed and consulted by third parties, without there being any necessary mediation written authorization. (*)
The user can make use of their rights of rectification, opposition Access, Cancellation by writing to ABC-KNOWLEDGE COMPANY S.L., Street Ca’n Veri 7 Mezzanine, 07001 Palma de Mallorca

This notice must appear in an accessable and be easily visible on the website each time the user accesses the portal service using the web, giving users the opportunity to cancel navigation if do they do not want to share their personal data.
If the company has a  prescription or expiration policy,regarding the information entered by the user, you must make it appear along with where we put the sign (*) with a similar written text, like the following:
“The user is informed that after  X  amount of days (weeks, months, or years) has transcribed this data will automatically be canceled without access to them by the user or by third parties “